OJ Simpson released from prison after 9 years


OJ Simpson's lawyer Malcolm LaVergne, left, says his client will focus on life's "very simple pleasures" when he's released from prison.

She said she did not know the driver who met Simpson upon his release and did not know where Simpson was immediately headed in his first hours of freedom.

"I told him, 'Don't come back, ' and he responded, 'I don't intend to, '" she told CNN. No details on Simpson's whereabouts or destination were reported, and authorities could not be reached to verify the report.

Simpson's living arrangements outside prison have not been made public.

Nevada Department of Corrections posted on Facebook on Sunday that Simpson had been freed from the Lovelock Correctional Center early on Sunday morning.

But, like we said up top, the state attorney general doesn't want Simpson.

These state that "You shall not associate with convicted felons, persons who are engaged in criminal activity, or other persons with who your supervising officer instructs you not to associate".

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He is expected to remain in Nevada for the immediate future; Florida and California, where he has lived in the past, did not receive requests for transfer before his release, officials said.

Scotto, however, is refusing to comment on the situation.

Scotto didn't say where they were going or whether Simpson's sister, Shirley Baker of Sacramento, California, or his daughter, Arnelle Simpson of Fresno, California, were with him.

Simpson lost his home near Miami to foreclosure in 2012.

Simpson hopes to return to Florida, as his two youngest children Sydney and Justin live in the Tampa Bay area.

He will be supervised by the state division of parole and probation for five years.

In 2008 Simpson however, was convicted of a Las Vegas hotel room robbery (of his own merchandise) and was given a 33 year sentence, but was paroled after 9 years. Simpson, of course, had been acquitted 13 years earlier in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, though a 1997 civil trial found him accountable for the deaths.