OJ Simpson reveals what he plans to do after release


Sunday, October 1, 2017, marks the day O.J. Simpson was paroled from a Nevada prison after serving 9 years for robbery.

Early Sunday morning, the Nevada Department of Corrections released O.J. Simpson from the Lovelock Correctional Center.

Simpson's attorney told CNN that he empathizes with the Goldmans loss but his clients intends to "be a retiree", which means the Goldmans can not touch any of his retirement income from the National Football League and the Screen Actor's Guild. "To ensure public safety and avoid possible incident", Keast said, commenting on Simpson's release at eight minutes past midnight local time (0708 GMT Sunday). Simpson also wants to be closer to his children, who also live in Florida.

O.J. Simpson appears during a break in an evidentiary hearing.

But officials with the Florida Department of Corrections said they had not received any paperwork regarding Simpson being transferred to them as of Friday, and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said she didn't want him in the state.

Simpson planned to move to Florida following his release but made a decision to stay in Las Vegas due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma that tarnished the state. They had advised it would be no earlier than Monday and possibly in Las Vegas. "F- her", Lavergne said of Bondi in an interview with the newspaper.

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It's all a new chapter for the one-time pop culture phenomenon whose fame was once again on display when the major TV networks carried his parole hearing live.

"He's going to Florida", LaVergne said.

He told officials that leading a group of men into a 2007 armed confrontation was an error in judgment he would not repeat.

LaVergne also suggested that his client simply doesn't have the money, saying "As far as I know, (Simpson) will be a retiree". Along with a handful of accomplices, the former star broke into the room of a couple of sports memorabilia dealers. Simpson's conviction of kidnapping and robbery since 2008 has been normal. He was found not guilty of these charges.

Attorney David Cook, who represents the father of Ron Goldman, told CNN the $33.5 million Simpson was ordered to pay the victims' families had since ballooned to almost $70 million with interest. He was acquitted the following year in Los Angeles in what was dubbed the "trial of the century".