Android Wear Page Suddenly Disappears From Google Store


In other news, the Android Excellence collection for Fall 2017 officially kicks off. Google awards the exemplary apps on the Google Play Store in terms of design and performance, among other criteria.

One of the biggest changes with the new app is that you can now customize your experience by selecting topics that interest you most.

Google introduced the "Made by Google" branding a year ago, alongside the Pixel and other products.

Unfortunately, the app doesn't perform any function for those who don't have the Google Assistant installed in their Smartphone already. Just tap the Google Assistant shortcut and it will be ready to help you. If you find this an unnecessary addition, you can make use of the same old way of uttering the hot word "Ok Google" and carry on with your query.

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Or you could try the opposite which is to remove all upgrades from Play Store, bringing its configuration back to when your device first came out of the box. Sometimes it is not possible to quickly launch the assistant because either you have to activate the assistant by calling "Ok Google" or by long pressing the Home Key. This doesn't add any new functionality, but it does offer a new way to prompt it if you'd rather not say "Ok, Google" or hold down on your home button.

The more likely explanation at this stage is that Google is looking to emphasise the "Made By Google" moniker, and, since it hasn't actually outright "made" a smartwatch, the LG pairing don't fit with the rest of the Store's line. To recall, Google Assistant on Android is part of the Google Search app (aka Google app) and Google Play Services, unlike on iPhone, where it is a separate app.

Google's virtual assistant can be activated on (almost) any smartphone/tablet/etc which runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.