Head, legs of missing Swedish journalist found


Danish divers found the decapitated head, legs and clothes of a Swedish journalist who was killed after going on a trip with an inventor on his submarine, police said Saturday.

Wall had last been seen alive on August 10 on board a self-built submarine owned by inventor Peter Madsen as it left Copenhagen harbor.

However, later in August, police found the headless torso of the journalist's body, which washed ashore in Copenhagen.

When she failed to return from the interview, her boyfriend reported her missing.

The inventor said he panicked and thought about suicide before deciding instead to dump her body at sea and sink the submarine. Officials said her head, arms and legs had been deliberately cut off after her death.

According to Copenhagen Police, there are no signs of any skull fractures consistent with the story offered by Peter Madsen, 46, that the 70 kg hatch on his submarine fell on her head and caused her death.

He said he had tossed her body overboard.

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He denied having a saw on his vessel when Wall accompanied him, DR reported.

Madsen has been charged with manslaughter, the legal equivalent of murder in Denmark.

Madsen remains in custody while the investigation continues.

The submarine was found on August 11, about 15 hours after it had departed Copenhagen.

Divider, an alum of Columbia University and London School of Economics, was based amongst Beijing and NY.

Wall worked as a freelance journalist based in New York and China, and her articles were published in the Guardian, the New York Times, and others.

Remedy: This story has been refreshed to clear up that some of Wall's remaining parts were found in a different sack from her apparel.