Apple unveils gender-neutral emoji coming to iPhone


For the iPhone 6, GPU performance scores increased over time, and only a small jump at the time of iOS 10's release was seen, and another larger increase for iOS 11.

The new iOS 11 including many features like smarter new Siri, document scanner, searching handwritten notes, Do not disturb feature while driving, live Photo, new file app, multi-tasking feature for iPhone and iPad, drag and drop feature in iPad and much more.

Its conclusion? There is no grand Apple conspiracy to slow down the iPhone to make you upgrade. For those who downloaded the developer preview of iOS 11 last June, however, the new emoji should have already arrived.

There were lots of complaints about mailing and battery problem in the new iOS 11.

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iOS 11.1 beta 2 features more than 50 new emoji characters.

Animal emojis also are coming in this update, which include the hedgehog, giraffe, zebra, and grasshopper. For one, it's plagued with bugs. Therefore, it makes existing iOS devices ready for the next generation of smart devices around you.

If you remember, Unicode 10 brought over 56 new emojis. It will take you through the best reasons to install iOS 11.1 beta and the best reasons to avoid it. Apart from what the firm showcased off previously this year, Apple is including more than 30 of its fresh designs.

Since people have started using different types of chat apps and various stickers and emojis, Apple has chose to bring a bunch of new features to the iOS device's native Keyboard app. The beta will help Apple shorten the list. Recently, Twitter has been found testing a new Tweetstorms feature which allows users to compose a long tweet, this feature will separate your tweet as a string of tweets with 140 characters each. Signing up is as easy as heading over to, logging in with your Apple ID and enrolling your device on which you wish to download the public beta software.