Facebook unveils standalone Oculus Go VR headset


Oculus hasn't helped in dispelling this sentiment because the company hasn't released official figures about the sale of its flagship Rift. It is enabled of using all the applications that are available now for the Samsung, Oculus and Gear VR headset, which need a smartphone to work. From the wired version, Oculus now has a wireless pair in the form of Oculus GO.

Oculus Go UK release date: When's it coming out?

Facebook didn't provide any details on how the Oculus Go will work, but said it will include built-in headphones for audio and have a LCD display. After the launch of its flagship of 3D posts in the news feed, Facebook is now up with the launch of Oculus Reality product.

Zuckerberg remains convinced that VR will evolve into a technology that reshapes the way people interact and experience life, much like Facebook's social networks and smartphones already have.

More details around the Oculus Go is set to be announced nearer launch.

Now that we know roughly when to expect the Oculus Go to become available in the United Kingdom, how much will it cost?

The Oculus Go will be available next year starting from $199 (around £150, plus VAT).

How does that compare to the competition?

Beyond price cuts and new products, Facebook is trying different ways to attract people to the virtual-reality medium.

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The headset features 3DOF, granting users three-dimensions of freedom, moving in and out of space, along with lateral and vertical tracking.

Oculus Go design: What does it look like?

Developers will build new apps to make people able to work with both the Oculus Go and the old Gear VR. Oculus still wants a wide range of Rift-ready computers, Barra says, but it's "not focused right now on dramatically increasing the addressable base", he told us.

In Mitchell's view, just because not everyone has a VR headset yet doesn't mean the technology is a failure.

The Oculus Rift was priced at $599, with controllers adding another $200 to the mix.

"VR will be a new way for business to collaborate online and will bring the richness of interactive graphics to more business scenarios", said Brian Blau, Gartner research vice president.

Oculus Go: What will it offer?

Facebook has had to slash Oculus Rift pricing in an attempt to boost disappointing sales, one of the Oculus co-founders quit and Facebook had to pay out $500 million to settle a lawsuit filed against Oculus by a VR game development company.