Portland area makes pitch for second Amazon headquarters


The company behind Detroit's campaign, Bedrock Detroit, said in a statement, in part: "We wanted to share something created to go along with that bid that shows Detroit's vision for the future...the entire region came together to join forces and collaborate to show the world that Detroit was made to move".

A number of cities are in the running for the second headquarters and the City of Las Vegas is one of those vying for the HQ.

If senior executives at Amazon's Seattle headquarters had never heard of Bradford, Innisfil or West Gwillimbury before, the little Ontario towns have put themselves on the radar screen with a surprise joint bid to become home to the online retailer's second global headquarters. The city didn't meet numerous qualifications Amazon said it needed for the headquarters, including an global airport and on-site mass transit.

Amazon has said it wants a city with more than a million people, an worldwide airport, and a quote "business-friendly tax structure". For one thing, he says it's not easy to put a dollar amount on every incentive cities and states can offer. Calgary's bid mentions the large volume of office space already built in the city and empty due to widespread lay-offs. In fact, Amazon owns property in the downtown area. He believes the city may have a shot at success because of Ontario's announced commitment to funding more university spots in high-tech programs.

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The company also says it's looking for a tax-friendly climate for it's second headquarters. "At the same time, Northwest Indiana has the population, cultural diversity and range of communities to meet the tangible and intangible needs of Amazon as a company and as an employer".

"Jeff Bezos is going to do what he wants to do", he said.

Tatikonda says Indy's universities and experience with supply-chain businesses makes it an excellent fit for Amazon, but he's doubtful IN will land the headquarters.

Amazon is expected to make the announcement sometime next year.