Jeff Sessions Won't Say If Anti-LGBTQ Guidances Discriminate Against LGBTQ People


Sessions stated that he never conducted any improper discussions with Russian officials at any time, and he said Franken's extensive lead-in to his question was "very, very troubling".

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday that President Donald Trump's vaunted border wall is not likely to run the entire length of the 2,200-mile border between the United States and Mexico. The move, which resulted in Special Counsel Robert Mueller being appointed to lead the probe, infuriated President Trump. It later emerged that he had met Kislyak at a campaign event at a Washington hotel in April 2016, then at the Republican national convention in July and in his Senate office in September previous year. He says he answered the question as a surrogate of the Trump campaign. "I didn't meet with any Russian about the election".

In response to the Post's reporting, Sessions acknowledged that the meetings occurred, but denied discussing anything of a political nature with Kislyak. Pressed by Feinstein about whether that meant Trump did say something about Russia, Sessions said he "cannot confirm or deny the existence of any communication with the president that I consider confidential".

"I'm not sure that is covered by it, but I will look", Sessions said. He did ask for our written opinion, and we submitted that to him.

"He came into my office with two of my senior defence specialists and met with me for a while", Sessions went on.

"He's an honest guy, and the determination that he made and I think inappropriately announced, I think is based on the facts, based on his interpretation of the law, and it was nothing more than that", Mr. Holder added, The Washington Free Beacon reported. It could have been at that meeting in my office or at the convention that some comment was made about what Trump's positions were.

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Calling Russian President Vladimir Putin an "opportunist", Sasse asked Sessions whether the administration and Justice Department were doing enough to prepare for upcoming elections.

Durbin responded "I'd like to have that", before launching into his next question: "Could a federal contractor refuse to provide services to LGBTQ people, including in emergencies, without risk of losing federal contracts?" Dick Durbin of IL brought up Sessions' Oct. 6 guidance memo, saying, "Under the guidance you released to all executive departments on religious liberty, let me ask you this question: Could a Social Security Administration employee refuse to accept or process spousal or survivor benefits paperwork for a surviving same-sex spouse?" "Is that legally significant?"

Pushed to elaborate on the provisions of the directive, Sessions said: "I would say that wherever possible, a person should be allowed to freely exercise their religion and not to carry out activities that further something they think is contrary to their faith".

Most of Wednesday's hearing was centered on Russian Federation, and Sessions largely avoided saying "anything of real substance", the Washington Post reports.

SESSIONS: It is - it's a matter that I can share some information about, because the president, I'm sorry, has talked about it and revealed or - that letter.