The Last of Us 2 Voice Cast Revealed


We knew from the first game that it was a cut-throat world out there, but this new trailer shows just how extreme and risky is. The second trailer revealed by Naughty Dog is Lev and the voice actor behind him is Ian Alexander, the man who is known for his role as Buck Vu in The OA TV series.

The newcomer spits in the face of the camp's leader, who smoothly responds, "Clip her wings".

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Part 2 will be a "counter" to that tale, according to creative director, Neil Druckmann, with the game being "about hate and how we use all of those same things to make the player feel that". And when will that be, Naughty Dog? The studio is staying mute on objective on some details like their identity, conflict, location, and more insterestingly, timeframe, suggesting that the scene could be separated in time from the main course of the adventure. The trailer of "The Last of Us Part 2" ended there. Nothing is officially confirmed yet, but by censoring her in-game name Naughty Dog confirmed to us that Laura Bailey is playing a very important role in The Last of Us: Part II. Before? After? It's unclear. The popular choice? It's Ellie's mom, Anna. Anna died just after giving birth to Ellie, but left a letter behind for her daughter to remember her by. Yet the other woman insists, and he cuts her down. Both of them look older and more grizzled: Joel with his fair share of grey hairs and Ellie showing off her fancy new tattoo and telling us that she's going to, "kill them all".