AAA: 1 million Marylanders will travel for Thanksgiving


More than 1.4 million people will be traveling for the long holiday weekend - the most since 2007, according to AAA.

Just under 4 million USA travelers will fly this year, an increase of almost 5 percent and the largest number since 2007.

This year is expected to see the most Thanksgiving travelers since 2005. The price of gas statewide is up from the $2.19 a gallon recorded a year ago.

For those traveling the roads, a gallon of regular gas in MA averages $2.59 a gallon.

Gas prices jumped more than 10 percent after hurricanes Harvey and Irma, peaking on September 8 at an average of $2.67 a gallon.

Image courtesy of AAA
Image courtesy of AAA

Springfield averages $2.54 a gallon, according to AAA.

"Most people have already made their travel plans, and will not cancel them for moderate shifts in gas prices", Jenkins said.

The 1.07 million Marylanders expected to travel between Wednesday and Sunday of the holiday weekend represents a 3.4 percent increase, the auto club said. "Oil prices reached 2-year highs last week, causing the sudden jump at the pump". "A strong economy and labor market are generating rising incomes, driving up the confidence in consumers who are more willing to spend on travel this year". "These factors should help fuel consumer spending and generate a strong finish for the travel industry this year". At $157, on average, that is a 23 percent fare drop year-over-year. "However, this year flying for the holiday is not as expensive as other years with average airfares the lowest in five years".

In the Mountain region (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming), travel volume is expected to top 3.7 million during this period, experts said. In fact if you consider the two most popular destinations identified by AAA, Orlando and Anaheim, you would think that the fourth Thursday in November had been set aside to celebrate Walt Disney.

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