London buses are being powered by a new fuel: Coffee


Transport for London has recently been trying to use more biofuel in an attempt to reduce pollution in the city and it is also reportedly putting a fuel made from cooking oil on trial.

He adds that bio-bean's coffee logs, which are eco heat logs made from spent coffee grounds to be used for stoves, open fires and chimneys, have already become the fuel of choice for households looking for a high-performance, sustainable way to heat their homes. Bio-bean collects that waste from coffee shops and factories and processes the sludge into oil.

BUSES are now powered by coffee.

Sinead Lynch, Shell's United Kingdom country chair, said: "We're pleased to be able to support bio-bean to trial this innovative new energy solution which can help to power buses, keeping Londoners moving around the city - powered in part by their waste coffee grounds".

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Shell's UK Country Chair Sinead Lynch said: "When it comes to clean energy, we are always looking for the next inventive solution". But thanks to a new project in London has its way, coffee won't just coax you out of bed, but also power the public transportation that takes you to the office as well.

"There is a huge potential for this project to expand in the U.S., which drinks the most coffee on the planet, 400 million cups per day", the Bio-Bean website states.

According to the Bio-Bean website, coffee grounds are a logical ingredient to create fuels. With some help from Shell, the company has so far produced enough coffee-derived biofuel to run one double-decker bus for a full year.

The collaboration with Shell is part of the oil giant's #makethefuture energy initiative, which supports entrepreneurs working on low carbon innovations. A good idea can come from anywhere, but with the scale and commitment of Shell, we can help enable true progress.