Microsoft makes Office available to all compatible Chromebooks


As reported by Android Central, all Chromebooks can download the Microsoft Office from the Google Play Store, no matter who manufactured the device.

Our strategy has not changed. While the Android apps don't match all the functionality of the desktop versions, they have all the basics and support syncing through Office 365. The Asus Chromebook Flip supported the whole Office suite from the moment the Play Store arrived on the Google-powered devices a year but failed to appear anywhere else. The arrival of Office is partly thanks to the appearance of the Play Store on Chromebooks. As of now, there is no comment from Google and Microsoft over the development.

Cloud Pro has contacted Microsoft for confirmation of the rollout but hadn't received a response at the time of publication. Thus, it is not known if the Office Suite apps are available for every Chromebook product.

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Of course, Chromebook users haven't been completely devoid of productivity apps until now. Now, their Chromebooks will be compatible with the occasional Office file they receive.

Although there's been no official word from either party, Chrome Unboxed has been tinkering with the various offerings and it appears that they are all now working as they should. The ability to run Android apps was already the biggest strength of the Chrome OS, now the addition of the missing apps makes the OS even more competitive. Anything larger than 10.1-inches and the subscription fee kicks in. You need an Office 365 subscription to actually save and edit a document, but if you're paying the $7-per-month fee, you can now fire up the apps on a Chromebook. But the majority of Chromebook owners will want a personal subscription that includes a PC or Mac, a tablet and a phone for $69.99 per year (it's unclear what a Chromebook will be classified as).