Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Is Working On Another Paid YouTube Music Service


There's Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and even Google's own option, Google Play Music. Based on the light details YouTube has plans to offer parts of what Google Play Music offers, and parts of what YouTube Red offers, blending together an on-demand streaming service for music similar to Spotify and video clips like what you'd find on YouTube Red, perhaps for music videos.

Amazon also said Friday its Music Unlimited subscription streaming service is available in 28 additional countries. Standard YouTube attracts over a billion views every month, and the majority of the content digested is music.

Right now there's no rumored price point for the cost if this new service, and there likely won't be until it gets closer to the rumored launch date.

According to an article by Bloomberg, music executives have been disappointed with meager revenue from YouTube Red.

You might be able to find music on YouTube, but the company has chose to release a dedicated platform only for music streaming.

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Are you excited about the Echo family and Amazon Music Unlimited coming to your country?

At launch, Amazon Music Unlimited will be available at three plan options with prices varying per country.

Alphabet Inc. has in the past launched Google Play Music, YouTube Music Key, and its failure lead it to launch Youtube Red in 2015, which had just 1.5 million subscribers a year.

However, the service will require a few things before you can make use of it. Rumors suggest the platform kept negotiating with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment for over a year. Amazon is a pioneer in cloud services via Amazon Web Services, while Google too has made inroads in cloud computing by leveraging its knowledge in AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. Apart from this, the company is in talks with independent label consortium Merlin to be linked in it as well. After this, the service was rolled out to a few more markets like the U.K., Germany, Austria, and Japan.