NFL Network Suspends Marshall Faulk, 2 Others Over Sexual Harassment Claims


The lawsuit, originally filed in California Superior Court in October but amended with the specific allegations against the employees on Monday, alleges that the woman was sacked from her job at the age of 51 in October 2016 after being accused of stealing clothes from an unnamed on-air personality.

According to Bloomberg's outline of the complaint, Faulk is accused of fondling Cantor's breasts and buttocks, in addition to asking her "deeply personal and invasive questions" about her sex life.

Cantor's lawyer didn't respond to requests for more information. Evans is alleged to have sent nude photos of himself. It also alleges the "aggressive" Faulk invited Cantor to his hotel room, pulled out his genitals in front of her and pinned her to a wall, demanding oral sex.

Weinberger - Sent her "several nude pictures of himself and sexually explicit texts", she said in her lawsuit. "Immediately. They respond immediately", said Cindrich, adding "Generally, what I have seen, guys who have been bad characters coming into the National Football League, the NFL has developed them into decent individuals". Heath Evans didn't return a request for comment directed at him via Twitter. Additionally, Cantor's lawsuit alleges that former NFL Network executive Eric Weinberger, now with The Ringer, sexually harassed her. He's also accused of rubbing his crotch against Cantor's shoulders.

"These are very serious and disturbing allegations that we were made aware of today", a spokesperson for The Ringer said in a statement, according to NBC News.

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"Weinberger hung up the phone when reached for comment".

Jami Cantor, who worked as a wardrobe stylist for NFL Network, filed a wrongful termination suit against NFL Enterprises in Los Angeles Superior Court back in October.

The three analysts suspended are Marshall Faulk, Heath Evans and Ike Taylor.

A day after it was announced that the team's QB Carson Wentz will be out for the rest of the season after tearing his ACL as he clinched the NFC East, former QB Donovan McNabb was suspended from his job at ESPN after being implicated in a sexual harassment scandal involving one woman and at least four other players.

Davis, Sapp and McNabb are accused of a wide variety of inappropriate behavior by the woman.