Google finally gives more Android phones their own Assistant


"We are now adding Android Lollipop to the list of devices on which Google Assistant will be available".

You might not know it, but Google's Android platform kinda sorta has a teeny-weeny little problem: at any given time, nearly no one has access to exciting new Android features because nearly no one has access to the latest version of Android.

Once you get the Google Assistant, creating a shortcut to it's as easy as opting in - you'll see an Assistant app icon in your device's app drawer.

The AI helper the same functionality as the version found on newer Android devices, which means you'll be able to bark at your outdated smartphone in order to open apps, get restaurant recommendations or, if you're feeling down, to hear a joke. It will also shortly come to Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil, and Korea.

Google acknowledges that 26% of all Android devices are still based on Lollipop, the Android 5.0 version launched in 2014, while around 30% run Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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The new Google Maps Go application will be accessible only for Android telephones - running Android 4.1 or higher - with a RAM limit of 1GB or lower.

Google's decision to expand the Assistant on older Android versions follows Amazon's roll out of Alexa in new markets just last week.

Recently, Google has added over 50 new games, activities, and stories to the Google Assistant on the smartphones and its home page. For Mexico and Spain, the language is set to Spanish. Further, the update will only be available in the United States for now, and applies to only those devices that default to the English language. Earlier this month, the search giant launched Android Oreo Go, an Android version tailored for the low-priced smartphones.

However, there is a way that you can try out Google Maps Go if if you are not running the Android Go operating system via something known as PWA or Progressive Web App.