Facebook data requests shows 2.6% increase through June 2017


Facebook says that 57 percent of United States government requests for user data in the first half of 2017 came with a secrecy order prohibiting it from notifying affected users.

The ninth Facebook transparency report showed that governments' requests for information about users increased 21 percent worldwide compared to the second half of 2016, from 64,279 to 78,890.

More than half of the requests were granted, above all in the United Kingdom (90%), U.S. (85%) and France (74%), said Facebook.

USA government requests for Facebook user data were more than double the 16,823 Google received in the period.

Sonderby added Facebook "carefully scrutinize" each request received for account data to ensure it's legally sufficient.

Fake cases against Instagram content rose relentlessly in the primary portion of 2017, with June's grievance number (2,191 reports) higher than the quantity of protestations petitioned for Facebook in April and near different months.

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Facebook released a biannual Transparency Report on Monday, that, among other details, shows the company quadrupled its removal of certain content when compared to the second half of 2016. Of the data requests submitted by U.S. law enforcement, 57 per cent also contained non-discloser orders, meaning that Facebook was prohibited from notifying the user.

The countries that were most active in making requests to Facebook for account data were the U.S., India, the UK, Germany and France.

According to Facebook, the majority of content restricted was alleged to violate local laws relating to defamation of religion and hate speech.

The massive purge surge primarily stems from one video of a January school shooting in Monterrey, Mexico.

It, however, did not say exact;y what kind of information Dhaka had requested for.

"If a request appears to be deficient or overly broad, we push back, and will fight in court if necessary", he wrote. Facebook was disrupted 21 times in the first half for the Indian users. On Instagram, it took action against 108,094 posts following 10,231 counterfeit claims. The company stated that they are concerned about the internet disruptions, which can be a hurdle to the businesses and restrict people from sharing and communicating with their family and friends.