Trump talked of rescinding Gorsuch nomination after criticism


President Trump is disputing a news report that he nearly pulled the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch because he criticized the president's rhetorical attacks on judges.

"The president anxious that Gorsuch would not be 'loyal, ' one of the people said, and told aides that he was tempted to pull Gorsuch's nomination - and that he knew plenty of other judges who would want the job".

Further, he accused the Washington Post of inventing the "unnamed sources".

Indeed, Trump is said to have exploded over the apparent criticism from Gorsuch-prompting fears the Supreme Court Justice's confirmation would collapse.

Since this episode, the president has pointed to Gorsuch's Senate confirmation as his major accomplishment since taking office.

The Post, citing White House officials, also said Trump was upset that Gorsuch did not appear to be sufficiently grateful for his nomination. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, that he found the president's attacks on the federal judiciary "disheartening" and "demoralizing," the report said. In response to the news, Trump pushed back.

Trump reportedly considered withdrawing Gorsuch's... "He is very proud of the accomplishment", the White House spokesman Raj Shah told The Post. Trump did not receive it until March 10, suggesting a White House in utter disarray.

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The reference to "the justice" was to Antonin Scalia, the late justice whom Gorsuch replaced, and "Mrs. Scalia" is his widow, Maureen.

McConnell made good on his promise to ensure the rest of the process went smoothly, and the Senate confirmed Gorsuch by a vote of 54-45 on April 7.

Even some of the president's conservative detractors, so-called "Never Trumpers", lauded him for nominating Gorsuch to sit on the highest court in the land.

At the time, Gorsuch was having courtesy meetings with senators, including Blumenthal.

"Your address to Congress was magnificent", Gorsuch said in his letter, according to The Post. "And you were so kind to recognize Mrs. Scalia, remember the justice, and mention me", the letter read, according to The Post.

But talk of rescinding Gorsuch's nomination is unhinged even if we only consider how it would have affected Trump personally.

"My young little girls were cheering the TV!" he included. "You never know with these guys".