"Nvidia's partnering with ACER, ASUS and HP for 65" BFGDs


Not to be confused with a PC monitor, the TV bridges the gap between low latency monitors and large, centerpiece living room TV's as a 65-inch dedicated gaming screen for all of your computer and console needs.

BFGD (Big Formate Gaming Display) is becoming standard for gaming displays now. The displays which are primarily aimed at gamers have 120Hz refresh rates, a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, full-array backlighting, and full DCI-P3 color gamut support. NVIDIA did not also reveal how much they will cost.

The BFGDs are exactly what they sound like-massive, 65-inch gaming displays. It sports NVIDIA G-SYNC Variable Refresh Rate technology which provides a buttery-smooth, tear-and-stutter-free gaming experience, as well as ultra-low latency at 4K 120Hz. Which makes for an awesome gaming experience. This device, has typically been available as a separate box, but is now just an app that lets you access 4K HDR video from IPTV apps like Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube as well as many other key channels.

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The 65-inch Nvidia gaming display should be a killing blow to any gaming TVs out there but having that said you must know that the price of this display is going to be pretty high. The BFGD even includes NVIDIA® SHIELD™ built-in-the most advanced streamer on the planet.

We expect ASUS and ACER to produce such 4K gaming monitors in partnership with NVIDIA. However, the CES 2018 will continue for 3 more days, so we certainly expect to see it showcased in coming days.

As HotHardware reports, Acer isn't sharing details about the Predator BFG pricing or a release date. The first OEMs to announce G-Sync BFGDs are Asus with the ROG Swift PG65 and Acer with the Predator BFGD.