London Mayor welcomes Trump's decision to cancel UK trip


In a tweet late Thursday, Trump said he canceled the upcoming trip and criticized the "Obama administration" sale of the old embassy as a "bad deal".

Fearing mass protests in London besides consistent threats from the British MP's hell-bent on not providing an opportunity to President Trump to address the Parliament, led to this decision.

United States ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson last month told the BBC he "absolutely" expected Mr Trump to visit Britain in the new year.

"It appears that President Trump got the message from the many Londoners who love and admire America and Americans but find his policies and actions the polar opposite of our city's values of inclusion, diversity and tolerance", Khan said.

He announced the decision in a midnight tweet amid reports in Britain that a Trump visit would be met with protests.

Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson has engaged in a battle of words with his predecessor over the visit of Donald Trump to the United Kingdom - calling the Labour politician a "puffed up pompous popinjay". "And you got the message".

Asked if it was a discourtesy to the Queen for Mr Trump to keep putting off the state visit, he replied: "An invitation has been extended and accepted and we will set out details in due course".

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The old USA embassy, in a historic square in the exclusive Mayfair neighbourhood, was deemed to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Hundreds of replies to the president's tweet took issue with the idea that his predecessor Barack Obama was the person who authorised the change of location. At the time, ambassador Robert Tuttle said the move was for security and environmental reasons, as well as to modernize it for the 21st century.

According to The Guardian, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, will open the new building.

And Women's March London has called a demonstration outside Downing Street on 21 January.

The diplomatic compound moved from Grosvenor Square in the well-heeled Mayfair neighborhood of central London, to Nine Elms, a formerly industrial area of southwest London that has been part of regeneration efforts by the capital city.

But many commentators believe Trump was instead put off by the prospect of significant protests during his visit with the potential for disruption, negative publicity and embarrassment as the real reason for his continuing avoidance of the UK.

The current ambassador, Robert "Woody" Johnson, said the change was necessary even though the US had been linked to Grosvenor Square for more than 200 years.