Facebook 'Fixes' Algorithm, Lowers Priority For 'News Feed'


While this Business Insider article focuses on bad actors, election manipulation, and fake news, I did catch an interview last week in which McNamee fully discussed the addictive nature of Facebook (autostart video warning) usage and that is was designed into the platform purposefully and he now regrets his actions as being part of it.

The positive side of Facebook's changes could be a boost for influencers who genuinely are sparking debate: who have interesting things to say and an engaged community of fans discussing them.

Brands and publishers have a "love-hate relationship" with Facebook, but no matter how many changes the company makes to its algorithm, everyone has to play ball, said Reprise's Mr. Douglas.

The move may help Facebook stem a drop-off in "organic" posts - the kind that Facebook is now trying to highlight - that's been a problem for the network for years, and has irked users who mostly want to use the network to connect with people they love. The bullet indicates the result of the personalization system of searches on sites made by each user of Facebook and has as a effect "extreme" the closure of each user within a given information bubble.

Publishers and media will now need to "play into" Facebook's new mission, by creating content that generates what the new algorithm deems a "conversation generating".

By switching focus to communication between family members and friends, the social media giant is going back to its roots.

Zuckerberg said on Thursday that Facebook would start to deprioritise content from publishers and brands, in favour of that from users' friends and family. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll published in October found that Americans believed by a two-to-one margin that Facebook should have done more to identify and reveal the Russian ads.

Zuckerberg said ion his Facebook page: "We feel a responsibility to make sure our services aren't just fun to use, but also good for people's well-being". The company is apparently concerned that the negative atmosphere on Facebook may drive people away any way.

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"We think that we're now slightly overvaluing how much time people spend on our platform and undervaluing how many meaningful interactions they have with other people", said Mosseri, who oversees News Feed.

Is this the end of Facebook for publishers?

Bank of America analyst Justin Post said in a research note that Facebook is moving towards becoming a social platform rather than a news outlet. Last year, Facebook launched a dedicated "Watch" video section, which features programming from TV production studios and publishers. The chief one he mentioned in his 4 January Facebook post was making the site a force for good.

In Facebook's new algorithm, posts with comments and debate from friends will get more play in the News Feed than posts that have a larger number of "shares". If you are constantly logged into Facebook - which all of us are - because it's easier - why do we want to enter our stupid password again? I'm changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions. Facebook says its own research shows users are exposed to more divergent views on its platform than they would be otherwise.

Despite what it has been claiming since the beginning, Facebook hasn't seemed to take its users' needs in mind.

From the list of settings options, click on "News Feed Preferences".

Facebook is dropping the hammer-and brand managers are feeling it. As usual, there will always be someone unhappy with change. But knowing Facebook, don't be surprised if in a few years the tables are flipped.