745kg of cocaine hidden in pineapples seized by Portuguese and Spanish police


Spanish authorities arrested nine suspected members of a drug ring and seized 1,600 pounds of cocaine Thursday, which the Colombian gang had hidden in carved out pineapple skins in a shipment heading to Madrid.

According to BBC News, the recent sting was part of an ongoing investigation between Portugal and Spain.

The bust was part of an investigation that spanned almost a year and led to the arrest of nine members of an worldwide drug ring, police believe.

The raid was the result of a joint investigation dating back to April 2017, police revealed.

The arrest came after an operation between the two countries.

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The Spanish Interior Ministry said in a press release that the cocaine was packed in a cylindrical manner, covered in yellow wax to appear as if made of the fruit, then covered by previously emptied out pineapple skins. Traffickers would pick up the cocaine from Terrassa every 15-20 days.

The shipment was from South America, and police believe it travelled from Panama to the port of Lisbon by sea.

The Iberian Peninsula is a major entry point for drugs and unrefined drug material coming into Europe from South and Central America. "This group had repeatedly brought large quantities..."

Incredibly, this isn't the first time pineapples have been used to smuggle some blow across the Spanish border.