Russian Federation offers platform for direct Afghan-Taliban talks


A delegation of the United Nations Security Council on Monday concluded a three-day visit to Kabul, the first such mission in eight years, to meet the Afghan President and the Chief Executive, and assess the country's efforts to start a viable peace process, according to a report released by the UN.

This is the strongest attack that has come from the USA president.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations says Afghanistan is getting closer to holding peace talks with the Taliban as a result of a new Afghan strategy put in place by the United States past year.

Haley said the Afghan government is starting to see the Taliban concede, they are starting to see them move towards coming to the table.

A former United States diplomat has called for designating Pakistan as a "state sponsor of terrorism" and said Islamabad's status as a major non-NATO ally for the US should also be taken away. Wells said the U.S. wanted that the continuing presence of the Haqqani network and other terrorist groups within Pakistan's territory must be adequately addressed.

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While the peace talks will be Afghan-led, the Kabul government did request that the Security Council weigh in to bring Pakistan onboard.

Haley did not specify what measures the UN Security Council could take to pressure Pakistan, but it does have the power to impose sanctions. Islamabad denies this and accuses the U.S. of disrespecting its vast sacrifices in fighting terrorism.

This apart, United States also suspended additional aid of $ 2 billion to Pakistan.

Last year, the Kremlin organised further talks that included the Afghan government as well as India and Iran.

It is yet not clear if the talks had any outcome or not but Monday's visit by Taliban delegation to Islamabad followed an unofficial meeting organized in Turkey.