You Can Now Add GIF Stickers To Your Instagram Stories


For the people who can't post enough Stories to Instagram, the app is adding GIF stickers for usage on your photos and videos that go directly into Stories.

So, we're not getting a ton of groundbreaking new features today, but what Instagram is adding should definitely make the experience better for end users. While tapping to add a sticker, you will come across a new Instagram GIF option from now onwards.

Other recent updates include the option to follow hashtags, Instagram pushing more recommended content, and the ability to share live videos in direct messages. Or if you want, you can click a photo or record a video using Instagram's camera.

While the feature was available on the app since September 2017, it was hidden in the pile of emojis on the board. Like stickers, GIFs on Instagram Stories can also be resized. Typing in "accessories" will bring up GIFs that can be used over faces on photos and videos, like hats, eyes, lips, ears and more.

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After you are done recording your GIF, you will then see a keyboard overlay. It is also similar to Motion Stills because you can fast-forward by just swiping and also create loops by swiping.

The company also announced that they will be supporting photo and video uploads of any size to Stories. When a user selects that, a GIF selection screen will appear.

After months of rumours, Instagram officially debuted support for GIF stickers within its Stories feature.

It is to be noted that making small video clips isn't a new feature and there are many third-party apps that can do it easily. "Any extra room will be filled with a custom colour gradient that matches what you've shared".