Brexit 'could cut Scottish GDP by 9%'


SNP MP Peter Grant said: "The leaked United Kingdom government's internal Brexit analysis makes for utterly grim reading, and Theresa May must now end the shameful secrecy surrounding the United Kingdom government's Brexit plans and publish the papers in full - which we now know will have catastrophic consequences for Scotland and the UK's economy".

In the West Midlands, a free trade deal would result in an 8 per cent hit to growth, compared with 13 per cent under no deal, and 2.5 per cent if the United Kingdom stays in the single market.

The document was meant to be shown confidentially to cabinet ministers but the Commons Speaker, John Bercow, ordered its release to MPs last week after Labour won a Commons vote on the issue.

The SNP described the documents, now available to MPs in the House of Commons library, as "utterly grim reading" and demanded Theresa May's government publishes its Brexit papers in full.

The 8% figures for "no deal" was said to amount to Scotland's economy being £12.7bn a year worse off.

Leave-voting Wales would suffer a 9.5 percent drop in GDP growth under a no-deal scenario, with Remain-backing Scotland facing a fall of 9 percent and Northern Ireland down by 12 percent.

Mr Coveney said despite some media commentary on the phase one deal struck between the United Kingdom and the European Union, there was no uncertainty over what had been agreed in relation to the alignment of regulations in key economic sectors on both sides of the border after Brexit.

A no-deal Brexit scenario would result in Scotland suffering a 9% hit to its GDP, according to the UK Government's own leaked analysis.

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The south-west, Yorkshire and the south-east are judged to be the least likely to be affected, as well as the capital.

Ministers in the European Union Exit and Trade (Strategy and Negotiations) Sub-committee considered the issues of immigration and Northern Ireland on Wednesday and are expected to discuss the crucial issue of the UK's future relationship with Brussels on Thursday.

"Government analysis suggests that Northern Ireland could be cost up to 12 per cent of its GDP".

Asked during Prime Minister's Questions if she would see off any "threats" from the EU, Ms May said: "We will be robust in our arguments. And is this too high a price to pay to stop a Tory civil war breaking out?" he said.

"It is important to state that the UK government wants to achieve a good deal for the UK that protects the economic integrity of the UK", she added.

The Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesman Tom Brake said: "This report confirms that every region and nation will be damaged by Brexit".

'People did not vote to make themselves poorer. "Now the facts are known, the people are entitled to a vote on the deal and a chance to exit from Brexit".

Mr Varadkar was responding to criticism from Sinn Féin that he had been "naive" in light of the United Kingdom government's restatement of its policy to leave the customs union.