Apple Cuts iPhone X Production In Half After "Disappointing Holiday Season Sales"


After almost two years, the iOS 11.3 beta 2 has finally introduced a Battery Health feature for battery-challenged iPhone users. When the battery of your iPhone is not operating at peak capacity you will see a message in the Battery Health section: "Your battery's health is significantly degraded".

Hogan also doubled down on Apple's stance that it would never slow down iPhones to pressure users to upgrade to a newer model, which is known as planned obsolescence.

Following the iPhone battery throttling revelations at the end of a year ago, Apple promised to introduce new battery health features to iOS 11.3, as well as a toggle that will let users disable performance throttling on devices with weak battery. But if the CPU frequency that the app shows you is half what it should be, then your iPhone is experiencing a throttling issue, and replacing the battery would restore performance. The third-party software you need is called coconut Battery, and you need a Mac because there's no Windows/Linux version of the software available.

iOS will start slowing down when the battery capacity drops below 80% which will usually take roughly, 2 years or after 500 charge cycle.

The company also said its newly announced operating system will let users turn off the software feature that slows performance and check a phone's battery's condition.

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Did you pay full price for a replacement iPhone battery?

Another way - albeit more cumbersome - is to install the latest iOS 11.3 public beta. Granted, a battery replacement would speed up throttled iPhone models, but replacing the battery doesn't come cheap.

After "confirming" through the official Apple page that iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X would not receive the ability to disable or enable performance reduction in iOS 11.3, we were a little more relieved - but there was still "confirmation" that such units will not be affected in the future.

Battery throttling will only be enabled if the device suffers an unexpected shutdown due to the battery. Ultimately, the iPhone 7 series was just added to the iPhone slowdown "program", which originally covered only the iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone 6s/6s Plus.