Syria war: Israeli fighter jet crashes under Syria fire, military say


He also warned the Israeli army that military attacks on Syria would draw a harsh response from the Syrian army. And because no one wants to own responsibility for fixing Syria - a gargantuan project - they all want to just rent their influence there. Regional order - knocked off balance by the 2003 invasion of Iraq - is being reshaped here (as well as in Yemen) in a series of proxy engagements and mini-conflicts that, aside from Syrians fighting Syrians, take in nearly all the region's players: Turks fight Kurds, Israel bombs Hizballah targets and Arab Gulf proxies take on Iranian-backed forces. "The United Kingdom is concerned at developments over Israel's border with Syria this weekend".

David Halbfinger, Jerusalem bureau chief for the New York Times, writes that the February 10 clashes were not the end of possible hostilities; they were the beginning. The other side of the ledger has much more to offer.

"God willing, they will see more surprises whenever they try to attack Syria", Sussan was quoted by Reuters as saying during a news conference in Damascus.

Considering that the Syrian regime is in tatters, Assad is probably more keen on rebuilding his decimated country than on bearing the brunt of Israeli attacks launched in response to Iranian provocations.

Netanyahu contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to discuss the matter. How far can Israel go?

"To those who say 'if they hit us, we will respond with force, ' it is clear that they have never experienced the Ottoman slap", he said. So this is a new step.

The situation in Syria is at the point where withdrawing will mean big losses and Iran is gaining more and more power.

The reaction was in response to United States forces saying they were attacked by pro-Assad Syrian soldiers. This state of affairs was obviously disruptive for Iranian designs in the region and a bitter pill for the Assad regime to swallow. Israel's defense system alarms in northern Israel were supposedly triggered after a reconnaissance drone encroached on Israeli airspace, leading the Israeli air force to attack.

As Syria's war soon enters its eighth year, many decry the recent risky escalation in the conflict, whether in the country's north, between Turkey and the Kurds, or in the south, between Iran and Israel.

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It often seems that Iran and the Syrian regime are speaking the same narrative. The Syrians were effective in blocking these Iranian attempts.

Besides Hezbollah, Iran has also mobilized its Revolutionary Guard as well as Iraqi and Afghan Shia militia, in a bid to consolidate a Shia Arab axis and land bridge from the Zagros Mountains to the Mediterranean.

Tehran denied any involvement in the drone penetration claim made by Israel.

While the WaPo only took a few hours to update its story to correct the inaccurate claim that the Iranian drone was downed over Syrian territory, the SMH failed to follow suit. This will only garner them more support from the rest of the Muslim world. So far, the Russians have been able to sustain the friction between those sides.

Israel has conducted more than 100 bombings and missile raids in Syria against storage sites for weapons and convoys supplying the Iranian-led forces, but without ever admitting it or taking responsibility. Parts of the destroyed Israeli plane were found in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

But, he argues, it is not in Israel's interest to escalate the conflict. It blamed US-backed Syrian Kurds.

Are there options for the Europeans to mediate?

"I have to offer a good word to the security coordination and to the Palestinian police officers", he said.