Larry Nance Jr. reveals his father's advice for Dunk Contest


On Saturday night at Los Angeles' Staples Center, the Utah Jazz rookie finally got his chance.

"I wanted this so badly, man", Mitchell said. It's a dunk that has nuance; the opening act should be an attention-grabber. All told, Mitchell won the Contest with two dunks that achieved flawless 10 scores from all five judges-the Kevin Hart leap and the self-oop-and was a combined five points short of ideal scores on the other two. They dribbled around pylons, passed the ball into a net, dribbled to the other end of the floor for a layup and then dribbled back to the other end to take a pull-up three-pointer. Each randomly assigned Bingo card has 24 All-Star Saturday props, plus one free square in the center that you'll get for free at the start of the Slam Dunk Contest.

On his second dunk, he received a 50 after gliding over his sister, Jordan, Hart and Hart's 10-year-old son, Hendrix, for a one-handed cram from the side of the rim off an alley oop with a vintage Darrell Griffith Jazz jersey on.

Mitchell's third dunk was arguably his most hard of the night.

For his first dunk in the final round, Mitchell went back to the dunk he missed in the second round and nailed it, receiving a second straight 50.

It may or may not have been the greatest ever or a transcendent moment in the sport but, at the very least, this year's contest stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the best we've ever seen. At this point, Nance had a score of 96, and Mitchell had a score of 50. While some fans believe some luster has been lost from the contest, there is still something awesome about watching players throw down innovative dunks.

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Vince Carter's 2000 dunk contest-as it is known-was not just one dunk. He took off his jersey to unveil a retro Vince Carter Toronto Raptors jersey.

It was a cool dunk, but it wasn't a reverse 360. He replicated to near perfection. "He did not want to see another Larry Nance win".

Logic tells us there is a zero percent chance that any player in the 3-Point Shootout would try to bank in a three-pointer, so you'd have to get totally lucky here that someone goes glass.

The 3-point contest consists of five racks of five balls, with one ball on four of the racks worth two points. It's a risky approach because it doesn't guarantee you'll make it there. In the first round, Dennis Smith Jr. brought out a sick reverse dunk between his legs where he switched to his off hand. While Smith needed two tries to complete the dunk, he still scored a flawless 50 for the creative effort.

This was Nance's fourth dunk of the night. Nance and Mitchell had basically identical head-to-head dunks and Nance destroyed Mitchell's, yet they were scored the same.