Lost in Space Netflix release date and first look trailer revealed


The Robinson family boards the Jupiter 2 as one of the first families selected for space colonization, but whereas NASA makes it look easy sometimes, traveling in space is far more hard than it seems. But as is necessary in any sci-fi drama, bad things immediately happen. But they never make it to their intended destination, instead crashing light years off course and having to adapt to survive in a hostile environment surrounded by threats unknown and alien.

"Will", the name of the youngest member of the Robinson clan, from whom the show's iconic phrase "danger, Will Robinson" is derived.

Mina Sundwall, Max Jenkins, Molly Parker, Taylor Russell, and Toby Stephens also star.

They aren't alone on this journey, though. Stranded along with the Robinsons are two outsiders who find themselves thrown together by circumstance and a mutual knack for deception. While the original has been remembered for its bright colors, fantasy-inspired plots, and alliterative insults for robots, this new series looks like it'll take itself rather seriously.

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Lost in Space has been remade a couple times before, but the original dates back to 1965, and was made by the storied producer Irwin Allen.

"Well groomed, educated and officious man with a sense of entitlement". There is arrogance and impatience about him.

It has now been about 50 years since the original Lost in Space aired. Neil Marshall, the director of the 2019 Hellboy reboot, in addition to Game of Thrones episodes, and the 2002 cult horror-comedy Dog Soldiers has directed several episodes. Now, we finally have a cryptic teaser as our first look. and it seems as though this show is going to be a lot more serious than you might have expected out of a new Lost in Space.