NRA Attacks The FBI Which Is Investigating Them For Russian Money Laundering


The White House said Trump does not want to ban sales of an entire class of firearms despite mounting pressure to put assault weapons such as the one used in the Florida shooting out of civilian reach.

He called out rising-star Democratic lawmakers - many of them potential candidates for the 2010 presidential election - by name. "Look at me and tell me guns were the factor in the hunting of our kids in the school this week".

Trump also stressed he would push for an end to the sale of bump stocks, which allow rifles to shoot hundreds of rounds a minute and which were used during a mass shooting in Las Vegas a year ago. The NRA wants to do the right thing. "It may be 10 percent, it may be 40 percent", Trump said.

"How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching and organizing to remake the world as it should be", Barack Obama went on to tweet, before adding, "We've been waiting for you".

National Rifle Association boss Wayne LaPierre echoed President Trump's claims that American schools need to be "hardened" against gun violence with armed teachers.

The idea faces potentially insurmountable resistance. And they would be there, and you would no longer have a gun-free zone. Marco Rubio brushed it off during a heated town-hall debate on CNN. The questions included training, and liability issues in the event a student were killed by friendly crossfire.

When he raised the prospect at Wednesday's White House meeting, some people expressed support while others in the room opposed the proposal.

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But that's only half of his proposed solution.

He says: "I will be strongly pushing Comprehensive Background Checks with an emphasis on Mental Health".

President Trump speaks at CPAC Friday. I'm close to them. "I hope that people who address this topic on our stage do it understanding that people are in pain and we are so close to this bad tragedy, and have the right and appropriate tone".

"I call right now today to every citizen who loves this country and treasures this freedom to stand and unflinchingly defend the second amendment", finished LaPierre to another standing ovation. "They're good people. They're patriots". The bills are expected to include at least one provision increasing in the minimum age for purchasing semiautomatic rifles to 21.

That opposition was evident just outside Washington on Thursday.

LaPierre and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch are addressing conservatives at CPAC. This advertisement argued that members of the media benefit from covering mass shootings and use them "to juice their ratings and push their agenda". But I am saying that you love the ratings. "Where's the CNN town hall for (black mothers in) Chicago?"

He also reiterated calls for "trained armed security" in schools. Created in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, the program provides advice and funding for schools to beef up security measures. It should not be easier for a madman to shoot up a school than a bank or jewellery store or some Hollywood gala. The NRA has forcefully lobbied against stricter laws on firearms.