Kylie Jenner tweet sends Snapchat share price tumbling


Yes, you read that title correctly.

When Kylie Jenner talks, even Wall Street snaps to attention, it seems.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who was formerly crowned the queen of Snapchat with the most followers on the app, made the revelation on Twitter yesterday. "Or is it just me... ugh this is so sad" on Wednesday.

The downgrade was motivated by a wildly unpopular redesign which has led users to bombard the app with one-star ratings, prompting fears of a mass user exodus.

Jenner, the half-sister of Kim Kardashian (American TV celebrity), tweeted her thoughts on Snapchat's revised UI.

One of the oldest social media platforms is Facebook, which was formed in 2004, Illsley said.

Kylie Jenner might not be the only one. Snapchat recently updated its service, and fans of the app were not happy with the changes.

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For the last quarter, the company reported a revenue of $285.6 million, which is 72% improvement compared to the same quarter in 2017.

The larger wave of people staying off the app is a real concern for the company.

Once a staple of every person's social media arsenal, Snapchat is now struggling to continue to keep up with changing trends in our everyday use.

She did so by using another social media platform, namely Twitter.

"There is a general level of annoyance among users and many have made a decision to use a VPN app, or are using other risky apps or steps, to go back to the old Snapchat as that's how annoying this new update has become", he continued.

On Tuesday, parent company Snap (SNAP) announced a new update meant to make it easier for users to view content they want to see. "That's certainly a concern", Huber said. She told Trading Nation, "I've always been skeptical of Snap because I think it's very hard for them to monetize. It is easy to forget just how young these businesses are".

"Our design and engineering teams are constantly monitoring the rollout of the redesign and making improvements based on what we learn from our community and their usage of Snapchat".