Xbox One spring update detailed and includes 1440p support


Using this, Streamers will be able to let other players take control of their games via a controller.

We already know that one of the cool features that are coming in the spring update for the Xbox One is support for 1440p gaming, which is flawless for gamers who have their Xbox One connected to a Quad HD monitor.

Today the company answers the question as to what is coming in the next major update for Xbox One console users with Redstone 4 version 1804 with Windows 10 Redstone 4 to be called as 1803. That means Mixer streamers on Xbox One can share their controller with a viewer on, who will get full rein of the controls, except for the Xbox button.

If you're part of the Xbox Insider Alpha Ring (the fancy name Xbox gives to its most esteemed testers and in-development content-getters), the spring update is available now. You can view these files in the File Explorer app. The stream will now instead pause when when switching or exiting to the dashboard.

With the Xbox One S and Xbox One X getting support for the resolution, gamers can hook it up to 2560 x 1440 or QHD displays and enjoy every pixel at their disposal. The update also makes it easier for the clubs to filter invitation requests based on several criteria, like Gamerscore.

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The Xbox One Spring Update adds the option to selectively balance game audio against background music within the Guide, thereby granting users the ability to turn down the game volume while cranking up the music volume or vice versa.

Also new in the update are new audio options. The console's system sounds in Home and the Guide now also support spatial audio, meaning that surround sound systems will match what you see on screen.

Fixed a bug where all items in the install Queue could show as "Queued" without making progress. This can be done via an on-screen gamepad or by connecting their controller to a PC. Obviously, it's not likely that you have a 1440p television that your console is hooked up to, but you could have it set up with a 1440p monitor.

When installing a system update, you may encounter an E200 error at the last stage of the installation.

When accessing the Language & location page in Settings, it may take a long time for the page to load. Now, it can easily upload or download files.