John Oliver Rips Into Trump's Plan to Arm America's Teachers


Made popular by Donald Trump, he proposed arming teachers with firearms to better protect students in the face of a mass shooting. Who pays for every teacher to get mental health checks, physicals, and firearm safety and shooting training? They could cut a hole in a pile of books, or shoot from the forehead by twitching the eyebrow as in a Rajinikanth South Indian film. Or will the academic also be boosted with an AR for an eye-for-an-eye battle? "I don't know that a school is going to be able to hire a hundred security guards that are armed", Trump said during a meeting with the nation's governors at the White House earlier this week.

New stricter gun regulations will only affect law abiding citizens because last I checked bad people don't really care. Gun control also works in Australia, UK, Japan, Germany, Scotland, Finland, Bangladesh, and the list goes on.

Finally, we must not be in a contest to be the most armed and unsafe developed nation on earth. So, is the rest of the world seeking compliance before they can import American goods?

In his continued criticism of officers President Trump labelled their response to the shooting as "frankly disgusting".

Instead of arming teachers with weapons, a few educators expressed their need for actual school supplies like pens and dry-erase erasers. Arming teachers will not create a safer environment at school, but presents an additional threat to the safety of students that only exists when teachers carry guns in the classroom. In 2017, researchers estimated that, in a given school year, 589 children are corporally punished (most often struck with paddles) every day. And doing so it's telling those who wish to carry out these sinister attacks that it's possible. Offering no source for his data, Trump estimated that 10 to 40 percent of teachers are qualified to use a firearm on school property.

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Would their arms be hidden under their desk? One teacher shot at a picture of him on a screen.

Fox, the Northeastern criminologist and author of the 2010 book Violence and Security on Campus: From Preschool through College, said it's hard to say whether Gun-Free School Zones are responsible for that - for one thing, he noted, overall crime rates have been dropping as well. Other research found that about one in five urban high school students reported having a gun fired at them at school. Most of these deaths occur when children are playing with a loaded gun in their parent's absence. About 46 percent of gun owners live in less populated rural parts of the country, compared with 28 percent who live in the suburbs and 19 percent who live in cities. And take a guess how many illegal guns are sold from the back of cars behind buildings after midnight. To adopt a cat, there is paperwork to be completed, including three references, and the applicant would have to allow home visits if suspected of cat abuse. One expects many would reject the idea of being armed. And, armed teachers could make a situation more chaotic and risky for law enforcement coming on the scene. Under this proposal, predictably backed by the National Rifle Association, teachers who completed 132 hours of training could carry concealed weapons at school under the guidance of the county sheriff. They reportedly contributed nearly Dollars 6 million to the Republicans, including Donald Trump's 2016 campaign. It is not a Second Amendment right to own a machine gun. He forgot to say who will train them. They might just have a change of heart this time because of a new voice emerging.

"I think we know, now is not the time for victory laps". The president, promising to take action on guns, even if the members of Congress won't, and revealing he met over the weekend with NRA leaders to talk about legislative actions. They have kept the fuel burning to speak out for those murdered.

I don't know what a demagogue does in the decades leading up to his successful campaign for the presidency, but it is pitifully obvious that Trump spent none of that time paying attention to what has happened to the teaching profession in America.