Woman screams 'I am God' on flight from SFO to Idaho


Video footage taken on board the flight shows the woman, who was sat in first class on the flight from San Francisco, shouting "I am God" before being subdued and having her feet tied together.

Boise police confirmed that officers responded to reports of an "unruly passenger" aboard the flight. They are now conducting medical and physical evaluations before sending her case to the local prosecutor to determine potential charges, a spokesperson from the Boise Police Department told CBS.

"She wasn't acting right or normal from the very beginning [of the flight]", passenger Scott T. Smith said. Police did not release additional information about the woman.

A first-class passenger who seemed disturbed during a United Express flight from San Francisco to Boise tried to open the emergency door while the plane was still in the air.

Witnesses told the Idaho Press that the woman appeared nervous before the flight took off and caused a minor disturbance, but was allowed to continue her journey. "The flight staff were real calm".

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Danny Taurus, who was one of 73 passengers aboard the jet told NBC: 'She got up from her seat ran towards the cabin door and tried opening it mid flight.

A woman was detained by police after she attempted to open a plane door in front of horrified passengers.

No criminal charges were filed as of Monday.

The woman was restrained until law enforcement officials arrive at the gate in Boise, according to SkyWest's statement.

"The unruly customer was held for questioning by law enforcement", the spokesman said. The FBI may also review the case.