Sessions in Sacramento: California, 'we have a problem'


Mr Sessions and the justice department named the state of California, Governor Jerry Brown and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Sacramento on Tuesday.

"So here's my message to Mayor Schaaf: How dare you!"

The group tends to oppose criminal justice reform measures and actively opposed SB 54, the bill approved past year that prohibits state and local police from helping ICE enforce civil immigration law. This is the law that turned California into a "sanctuary state" by limiting the circumstances in which state and local law enforcement agencies can cooperate with immigration officials. The Justice Department called the laws unconstitutional and asked a judge to block them.

The suit heightens tensions between California and the Trump administration, and sets up a judicial showdown over the scope and degree of state cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. California has the opportunity to flip Congress to a Democratic majority, and California is at the center of the administration's backwards immigration policy.

"I did not give specific information that could have endangered law enforcement", she said, explaining she stood by her decision at a press conference. I understand that we have a wide variety of political opinions out there on immigration, but the law is in the books and its objective is clear.

Speaking before a crowd of more than 200 California law enforcement officials in a Sacramento hotel ballroom on Wednesday morning, Mr. Sessions described the state's so-called sanctuary laws as a radical maneuver that would threaten public safety and throw open the nation's borders to even more illegal immigration. Jeff, se political stunts may be norm in Washington, but y don't work here. SAD!

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"This is really unprecedented,"said Brown after Sessions' speech, "for the chief law enforcement officer of the United States to come out to California and act more like Fox News".

The Justice Department is still reviewing other states for possible legal action. And recently, Mary Louise, the mayor in Oakland, Calif., issued a warning to the immigrant community there that the feds were planning a big raid.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration finally challenged California in court over its lax immigration policies after nearly a year of intimidation. The high court found several key provisions undermined federal immigration law, though it upheld a provision requiring officers, while enforcing other laws, to question the immigration status of people suspected of being in the country illegally.

Afterward, she said of Sessions: "How dare you" vilify members of the community, distract people from a broken immigration system that breaks up families and distort the reality of declining violent crime in a "sanctuary city" like Oakland.

"Jeff Sessions just called me an embarrassment".

In his speech, Sessions argued the laws are harmful to the state's residents and prevent law enforcement officers from doing their jobs. The lawsuit was filed in federal courthouses of city on Tuesday.