New Mario Tennis Aces gameplay trailer released


The roots of the Mario Tennis franchise can be traced back to 2000 on Nintendo 64.

Rally your way to victory from June 22. The game will feature new mechanics, fifteen characters, four player games, and a whole lot of fun to be had. For example, each character caters to a different play style, which is interesting since it gives the player variety. The game will actually land on June 22nd, one day after the season officially ends. Dark Souls: Remastered, and the DLC included with the game releases May 25, 2018. The game will be released for purchase May 25th. The screens also show what appear to be the return of Power Shots from the GameCube Mario Tennis game, which I certainly hope is true. In all there are 15 unique characters available to choose from. The powerful "Zone and "Special" shots have the potential to damage and even break an opponent's racket if not blocked in time". Swing mode will also be available, where players can use the joycon controllers to swing their tennis racket in game. Trick shots consume energy if you miss, but if you hit the ball with a trick shot you'll earn energy.

The Special Shot is a character's ultimate strike.

Online mode was also confirmed with friends matches and tournament modes. The game will launch July 13 with a special edition including a pop-up book, a music selection soundtrack, a map, and a replica of the in-game currency.

The Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy is also coming to the Nintendo Switch. The vibrant bashing, spinning and explosion filled 3rd person platform game is completely overhauled with super awesome graphics.

Direct Leaks: Japanese retailer reveals Mario Tennis Aces characters, release dates and more

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is coming to the Nintendo Switch and 3ds!

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition get a release date. Nintendo has promised details forwhen the tournament will be held soon, so get your practice in while you can.

Splatoon 2's version 3.0 will come in late April 2018.

Playstyle categories were also revealed in the presentation.

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