Trump, in California, warns of 'bedlam' without border wall


The president resumed his feud with the state of California, criticizing Gov.

The visit comes as Trump and his administration have voiced increasing anger at California's refusal to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. While viewing the designs, Trump said he has a strong preference for a border wall that would allow law enforcement to see through into Mexico.

The hundreds expected at the San Ysidro rally will also hold up California immigration policies as ones that should be emulated on a national level - the same policies that have raised the ire of the Trump administration. He will also attend a fundraiser in Los Angeles, where he will stay overnight.

Pro- and anti-Trump demonstrations were planned later in the day in Los Angeles for the president's arrival there.

Protesters chanted, "No ban!"

Trump's criticism focused on tax policy, too, with the President mentioning owning property in California.

But the top Democrat in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer, said his party supported including funds for other border measures in an omnibus spending bill Congress must pass soon.

Jeff Schwilk, founder of San Diegans for Secure Borders, whose group participated in a rally in December near the prototypes that ended in clashes with counter-protesters, said the council's resolution does not reflect the views of many residents who feel the border is not secure. The terminal is a few miles from the border-wall prototypes.

Faulconer, writing in The San Diego Union-Tribune, also said San Diego police work to protect everyone regardless of immigration status, an apparent dig at Trump's push to target illegal immigration.

"I think Governor Brown does a very poor job running California", Trump said. We are sick and exhausted of our dreams being stolen by illegal sanctuary policies and the criminal politicians that support them in our state. Jerry Brown, saying Tuesday that he was presiding over sky-high tax rates and that the state's sanctuary policies "put the entire nation at risk".

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Trump wondered at the height of the mock ups, telling reporters that he envisions a tall wall preventing agile immigrants from entering the U.S. Protests for and against the wall are planned. The trip came amid an escalating battle between his administration and the liberal state, which has refused to help federal agents detain immigrants in the USA illegally.

Earlier, about 250 Trump supporters rallied near San Diego's Otay Mesa border crossing. Built by private contractors from across the country, from Maryland to Arizona, the prototypes have been funded with $20 million from Customs and Border Protection.

On Monday, members of U.S. and Mexican agencies gathered at the Federal Police command centre near Tijuana's A.L. Rodriguez International Airport to make final arrangements.

The Justice Department last week sued to block a trio of California laws created to protect people living in the US illegally.

President Donald Trump will touch down in San Diego today - his first visit to California as the nation's leader - with plans to survey the border wall prototypes he commissioned before he meets with military personnel.

After viewing the wall prototypes in an area of the border heavily cordoned off and far from the rallies on the USA side, Trump was then expected to address Marines in San Diego before attending a high-dollar fundraiser in Los Angeles, where he'll stay overnight.

During his visit, the president reiterated the importance he granted to that work, one of his main promises during his campaign, because if the wall is not built, 'we will not have a country, ' he said.

Trump's statements about building the the wall - and making Mexico pay for it - has stirred anger in Mexico.

Trump's Justice Department last week sued the state over three of its immigration laws. Protests were also held on the Mexican side, in Tijuana. If you have don't have this kind of wall, drugs are pouring through in California.