Daniel Bryan is returning to the WWE ring


The WWE Universe is ecstatic for SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan, as he was recently cleared by the company to finally return to in-ring action. In what could be a positive sign for him and a potential WWE return, though, the tweet about the "Ultimate Deletion" earned him a small appearance on SmackDown Live on Tuesday night.

McGregor, 29, is no stranger to taking on new challenges, having faced former boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather past year.

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Upon the news of Bryan's long-awaited medical clearance on Tuesday, many within the business reacted with sheer glee that one of the best of this generation is able to compete again. He visited several doctors across the country to be evaluated for a possible return. The superstar has been cleared by leading neurosurgeons, neurologists and concussion experts to return to the ring, WWE announced on its website. He has his own concussion treatment center at the Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts. "From a family perspective, I've had the chance to talk to Bryan at length about his passion for wrestling and it is what he was born to do and I know deep down how he feels about it", Cena said. "Included in his medical records were multiple evaluations by renowned concussion clinicians", says Cantu by email.

I determined that Bryan is now asymptomatic, has a normal detailed neurological and cognitive neuropsychological examination, normal EEG, and an MRI that showed no definite evidence of a prior brain injury. "Absolutely, but that would mean he would have to be up for getting in a WWE ring, so let's not put the cart before the horse ladies and gents", the Trainwreck star told The Hook. Currently, the most definitive diagnosis of CTE is during an autopsy of the brain after death. But symptoms can be found in the living, including depression, aggressive behavior and dementia.