Amazon Echo Speakers Now Work as Intercoms


Don't feel like buying an Amazon Echo? There is a long list of devices that are now powered by Amazon's very own digital voice assistant but we're more interested in how Alexa is playing with the Fire Android tablets.

For one, Alexa support on the Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 will be further strengthened. You definitely shouldn't expect a tablet's speakers to outperform the regular Echo, but a hands-free Alexa could be convenient when you're traveling.

Amazon Key debuted late past year in select markets as a suite of features centered around in-home delivery for Prime members, and now all of its functionalities except for in-home delivery itself are available nationwide, the company said Thursday.

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If you've been thinking of getting an Echo, Echo Dot, or even a new tablet, you may consider the Amazon Fire 7 or Fire HD 8. The HD 10 is fully capable of using Alexa while it is asleep.

Which is the Alexa Skill you find most useful? All other Echo devices in a home will then repeat what was said. For example, you can bring up a feed from an Alexa-enabled security camera installed at your home. The speakers aren't as good as a full-sized Echo, and tablets don't have the mic array you'd find on an Echo, either.

If you can get past the downsides, it's a worthwhile update if you're interested in trying out Alexa as a poor man's Echo. This over-the-air update in effect turns the tablets into hands-free Alexa speakers, which furthers the ubiquity of Amazon's dominant AI voice assistant.