Trump Expects Talks with N.Korea in May or Early June


China is planning retaliatory tariffs on USA farm products because Beijing is trying to hurt Mr. Trump politically in agricultural areas where he has strong support, the president said at a Cabinet meeting.

"The farmers will be better off than they ever were", the president said.

He branded the raid as "an attack on our country in a true attack on what we all stand for" and also called it a it a "political witch hunt".

"We've been in touch with North Korea", Mr. Trump said at the beginning of a cabinet meeting at the White House. Organizers said they never meant to go to the USA border. Trump's rejection of the deal has rattled allies and raised questions at home about whether protectionism will impede US economic growth. The U.S. bought more than $500 billion in goods from China previous year and now is planning or considering penalties on some $150 billion of those imports. The U.S. sold about $130 billion in goods to China in 2017 and faces a potentially devastating hit if China responds in kind.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Donald Trump definitively said that he would never let the enemy know what military plans he had before carrying out the plans.

The Trump administration already imposed tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, and announced tariffs on a planned additional $50 billion worth of Chinese products, with Trump threatening much more.

President Donald Trump is complaining about "STUPID TRADE" with China, saying that Chinese tariffs for USA cars are much higher than US tariffs for Chinese automobiles. Currently, as Trump tweeted, China imposes 25 percent tariffs on American vehicles, and mandates that foreign companies form joint ventures with Chinese firms.

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The administration has announced plans to hit China with tariffs on steel, aluminum and high-tech products in an escalating battle over the US trade deficit with Beijing.

North Korea has told the United States it is prepared to discuss the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula when Kim meets Trump, a USA official told Reuters on April 8.

Washington Post writer James Hohmann voiced similar concerns in a piece concerning the remarks Trump made about the Democrat's behavior during his State of the Union Address earlier this year.

Trump asks, "Does that sound like free or fair trade". He added that previous presidents should have held such talks.

But he also downplayed the tariff threat as "part of the process", suggesting on CNN that the impact would be "benign" and said he was hopeful that China would enter negotiations.

"I don't think there's any trade war in sight", Kudlow told Fox. On Friday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said "there is the potential of a trade war", but that he hoped it wouldn't come to that.