There Might Be A New Self-Destructing Message Feature In The Gmail Revamp


Gmail's expiring emails will most likely be deleted from the recipient's inbox once expires.

Mr Justice Warby said the businessmen, who can not be named for legal reasons, complained of results returned by Google Search that feature links to third-party reports about their convictions. In addition to that, it will also let you secure emails by enabling password protection which will be automatically generated through SMS. According to a new leak, Google is also working on a new feature that will enable users to send emails which expire after a specified time, a Self Destructing Email.

Earlier this week we delivered word of Google's forthcoming revamp of its Gmail web client, likely to officially debut at the I/O conference next month.

Gmail will have a so-called Confidential Mode, a system created to secure the important emails that users send and that should not reach other mailboxes. Those that receive a confidentially configured message have to follow a link to access it and sign in to their account again.

Additionally, when viewing a confidential email, Google reportedly disables the ability to copy or print anything in the email - though as the images in TechCrunch's story prove, there's nothing stopping someone from taking a screenshot or even a picture with a nearby smartphone.

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When exactly will emails self-destruct?

The new Gmail is slated to launch within the next few weeks, Google has confirmed.

"Google has been making determinations about whether to remove criminal information, and this time they got it wrong", she said.

In a statement cited by the Post, Google acknowledged a "major" Gmail redo is in the works, but the company says it's only in "draft phase". Further, the person added, "We need a bit more time to compose ourselves, so can't share anything yet-archive this for now, and we'll let you know when it's time to hit send". This is a good way to clean your inbox if you can't reply to a specific email just yet. And as a recipient, you'll have a clear idea of when these messages will "self-destruct".