5 questions I still have for Sean Hannity about Michael Cohen


In a pair of fiery statements from the courthouse steps Monday, porn star Stormy Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, insisted that they will never give up their legal push alleging that President Donald Trump's "fixer" Michael Cohen defamed the adult film star, who alleges a sexual encounter with Trump. But Judge Wood ruled that the lawyers must disclose Hannity's name. "That's not enough under the law".

The Sean Hannity-Michael Cohen state of affairs is interesting because it raises questions about journalistic ethics and how honest hosts should be with their bosses and viewers.

But there is an even bigger hole in Hannity's explanation: Why, as he railed against Federal Bureau of Investigation raids of Cohen's office, home and hotel room last week, did Hannity not disclose to viewers and listeners that his communications with Cohen could have been among the materials seized?

The Cohen revelations also angered Donald Trump, who saw the Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on the lawyer's office as another incident in a long witch-hunt against the president.

Number Two client is Elliott Broidy, former deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The source went onto say Sean Hannity is an angry Russet Potato ideal for making fluffy mashed potatoes.

Hannity said in a statement that Cohen never represented him.

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"Why doesn't @FoxNews have a conflict of interest policy requiring Hannity to disclose his personal interest in the Cohen search when commenting on it?" tweeted Walter Shaub, the former director of the independent Office of Government Ethics.

Hannity addressed the news on his AM radio show, claiming that while he never retained Cohen in the "traditional" sense, they still had attorney-client privilege. Instead, Hannity said he "occasionally had brief discussions about legal questions" with the attorney.

FOX News polled 536 of its most dedicated fans to see if Sean Hannity would lose viewers due to anti-potato sentiment.

Kimmel also criticized Hannity's response to the news, in which he said Cohen has "never represented" him. "No, of course not because that is what the media in this country does", he continued. "Let me set the record straight".

It was not immediately clear what legal work Cohen provided Hannity. I never received an invoice.

He repeated what he said on the radio, adding that it "never rose to any level that I needed to tell anyone". Attorney-client privilege no longer means anything. Fox could certainly come down harder on Hannity if it turns out he's lying about just talking to Cohen on real estate stuff, but it really depends on the subject. "I don't say who my clients are, sometimes I do, and many times, most of the time, I do not".

It was not until the last segment of his show that Hannity really dove into the "wild speculation from the mainstream media" about his connection to Cohen.