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Right after the launch of "God of War" for PlayStation four on the Digital Leisure Expo business display in 2016, the game is taken as a longer escort venture and this perception is strongly denied by the Sony's director, Cory Barlog.

The Photo Mode pretty much does what it says on the tin, allowing you to snap shots of Kratos and Aterus from different angles and locations, while also changing their facial expressions.

God of War is out now. The series will absolutely be sticking to Norse mythology for another game or two.

God of War will be out today.

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God of War is now available exclusively for PlayStation 4. There are large bodies of water in the game, and they seem like they'll take forever to cross, but remember - Kratos is a god.

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Nearly every thing in God Of War is breakable, and most things will give you Hacksilver, which is very useful to purchase nearly anything in the game. The more XP you have, the more quickly you can Upgrade your abilities across both Kratos and Atreus. The Kratos of the new game is much more like John McClane in Live Free or Die Hard - he's exhausted of being a hero, he is more interested in being a dad, and his legacy is sort of one that has made his life suck.

Depending on which edition you purchased, there is additional digital content for God of War.

You'd be surprised how many games feature blocking as a major part of their combat system and then let you completely ignore it. He has gone to the brink, and when we find him isolated in the frozen woods, he's made a decision to reform, to disappear, to have a family and a meager existence far from violence-but not to feel.

The game provides several "never-seen-before" worlds, actions, monsters, and abilities.

This latest installment of the franchise continues Kratos' story as he makes his way from the realm of the Greek gods to that of the Norse Pantheon. And of course, there's also that foreboding drawing on the mural that only Kratos saw depicting his potential death... Don't be put off by it. God of War is excellently paced throughout, and once you get to the game's hub world - Lake of Nines - you'll see that first hand. Share your thoughts in the comments!