Court declares Bill Cosby guilty of sexual assault


- A jury has found longtime comedian and Philadelphia native Bill Cosby guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Cosby's lawyers rested their case Monday without calling the 80-year-old defendant to the stand. Five other accusers testified against him at the trial. His colleague Kathleen Bliss described former supermodel Janice Dickinson, who was a witness for the prosecution and testified that Cosby had sexually assaulted her, as a "failed starlet" who sounded like she had "slept with every man on the planet".

Notre Dame has rescinded Bill Cosby's honorary degree after he was convicted Thursday of drugging and molesting a woman 14 years ago.

More than 50 women have spoken out against Cosby - who faces up to 30 years in prison - and many of them expressed joy on Thursday following the verdict.

The jury in Cosby's first trial weighed the evidence for five days without reaching a verdict. This time around, it was a much darker, much rougher defense.

For numerous women who came forward to allege sexual assault against Cosby in past few years, the statute of limitations had passed, and they weren't able to bring any charges.

The verdict ended a winning streak for Los Angeles lawyer Tom Mesereau, who leapt to fame for getting Michael Jackson acquitted of child molestation in 2005, but who ultimately failed to deliver for Cosby with a defense that hinged on his portrayal of Constand as a money-grabbing con artist.

Other women who claimed to have been assaulted by the disgraced megastar were elated.

Cosby even admitted in a deposition that he gave women drugs as a way to get sex.

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At that time, Gordon reports Cosby said aloud in the courtroom, "He doesn't have a plane you (expletive)".

While none of the jurors spoke to reporters after the verdict, it is unlikely that #MeToo had no impact on any of them, said Dennis McAndrews, a former Pennsylvania prosecutor who attended the trial. "We don't think Mr. Cosby is guilty of anything and the fight is not over".

"To use any level of celebrity and power to prey on women is unforgivable and deplorable. The women who have come forward are strong and fearless, and they have delivered hope to the countless women whose abusers have yet to be held accountable".

District Attorney Kevin Steele later remarked that with the outburst, "You got to see who he really was".

Pennsylvania Victim Advocate Jennifer Storm added her statement to the governor's.

"As a result of his conviction today on three felony charges in a sexual assault, the University of Notre Dame has rescinded the honorary degree awarded to Bill Cosby in 1990". I applaud the Montgomery County District Attorney's office for their thoughtful and conscientious defense of these women.

Around 60 women, many of them onetime aspiring actresses and models, publicly branded him a calculating, serial predator who plied victims with sedatives and alcohol to bed them over four decades. The victims who have watched their offender walk above the law because of his status will hopefully feel redemption in the face of all the speculation and condemnation they have endured over these years.

In a press conference, Bernard evoked Martin Luther King Jr., saying, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but today it has bent towards justice".