Former FBI director James Comey comes to Williamsburg for CNN town hall


"He's been representing me since I was sacked", Comey said at a Washington, D.C., reception Tuesday evening, signing copies of his book "A Higher Loyalty".

"Really, grandpa?" Comey said.

"His style of conversation was a series of assertions about great things he had done", Comey said, describing one of his private meetings with Trump, in which he said the President made inappropriate demands for loyalty.

The memos are now the subject of an inspector general review over the presence of classified material. "Some of those memos, I decided, should be classified - four others, I wrote them, and I was highly confident they should not be classified".

Comey told the Sun-Times that Fitzgerald is part of his three-member legal team that also includes David Kelley, a former deputy USA attorney under Comey in NY, and Dan Richman of Columbia Law School, another former federal prosecutor. What he said is no surprise, as most people already know that Trump is a habitual liar and lacking in morals.

Professor Richman confirmed to Fox News that he previously worked as a "Special Government Employee" (SGE) for James Comey's Federal Bureau of Investigation on an unpaid basis.

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When Comey was asked what his nickname was for Trump, he said he doesn't have one. "Honestly, I call him the President of the United States because I respect the office", Comey responded, to scattered applause.

Trump, who has showed a knack for helping publications he despises, tweeted that Comey was an 'untruthful slime ball'.

"I don't say that lightly".

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Trump dismissed Comey in May a year ago while the FBI was investigating allegations Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion between Russians and Trump's campaign.

I categorically refuse to believe the "pee tape" is real, as that plot twist is too implausible and low-rent even for the cosmic lunatics who are writing the simulation we're all living in.