Trump blasts Michelle Wolf's correspondents' dinner remarks about Sarah Huckabee Sanders


Trump called Michelle Wolf, the stand-up comedian, "filthy" and her performance at the WHCA dinner - which included a blistering take-down of his administration, its personnel and himself - a "total disaster and an embarrassment" for America, as the cleave widened in the USA over issues ranging from free speech to respect for the executive office.

The comedian also said she thought Sanders seemed to be protesting the press throughout the night when the event was not televised.

Malkin also added that the White House Correspondents' Association needs to change its attitude, not the format of the dinner.

Many of Wolf's jokes included vulgar language that couldn't be repeated in stories about the dinner.

As he did a year ago, Mr. Trump flew to a Republican-friendly district to rally supporters in an attempt to counter the dinner.

"By carving up Trump's women in such a grotesquely personal way, she played right into his hands", he said. "Unfortunately, the entertainer's monologue was not in the spirit of that mission", said Margaret Talev, president of the WHCA. Kellyanne Conway, much like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her job is to go out there as often as possible and lie to the American public, paint a happy face on this administration and convince us that it's not a raging dumpster fire that we can all clearly see happening behind her.

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In a 19-minute string of at times raunchy jokes, Wolf skewered Trump for his alleged 2006 affair with an adult film actress and a hush money payment to keep her quiet before the 2016 election. Meyers defended Wolf after she received criticism for jokes made at the White House Correspondents' Dinner 2018.

Michelle Wolf, while speaking at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner, highlighted some very significant points in the most satirical way on April 28.

"Look, you didn't like it, you have that right".

Chrissy Teigen lashed out at NBC news correspondent Andrea Mitchell, who stated Wolf "grossly insulted" many at the dinner. I've been collaborating with Kayne West on a new album of Republican hip-hop", he said, then scolded Wolf for her crass jokes: "This the Correspondents' Dinner, celebrating the freedom of speech. So I think a lot of conservatives and Trump fans looked at that and said, oh, this is beyond the pale.

So far, President Trump has tweeted that the dinner - which he skipped for the second straight year - was an "embarrassment to everyone associated with it" and a representation of "FAKE NEWS".

According to the Daily Mail, Wolf deleted thousands of tweets from her account.