Microsoft talks up Xbox sales records, but doesn't get specific


It's not the only major statistic that has been reached by the Xbox One, either.

According to the company, Xbox One sales are up 15% over a year ago, and Xbox Live users are up 13%.

E3 2018 is going to be absolutely massive this year, and as usual we should expect a bunch of new and exciting stuff from Microsoft and their Xbox presentation at E3. No, not console sales. The company said in yesterday's posting that 600,000 friendships were forged with the Looking For Group feature with more than 1.2 million Clubs being open on Xbox Live.

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In June 2017, Microsoft originally made it known that folks had spent 508 million hours on the platform, so it's definitely seen exponential growth since then.

Xbox Live usage. This was sort of mentioned in Microsoft's recent earnings announcement, but Xbox Live "players" are up 13 percent year-over-year. The executive said Microsoft is adding more games to the subscription service with State of Decay 2 coming to Game Pass on the same day of its global release. As it stands, Microsoft quotes that about half of every Xbox One owners have used the feature, which is an awesome addition to the suite of tools the Xbox One already has. Microsoft is also seeing success with their Mixer community, which has been exceeding a count of more than ten million active users per month since January. "But we're also seeing fantastic engagement with Xbox One console exclusives like Sea of Thieves, the fastest-selling Microsoft Studios new IP of this console generation, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds".