Childish Gambino Shares Music Video for New Track, "This Is America"


Childish Gambino, the rap persona of actor Donald Glover, has released a new music video for his latest single "This is America" which switches between having fun and violence.

Gambino is the Grammy-winning alter-ego of Donald Glover. Filmed in a large warehouse, the video features a shirtless Glover dancing comically between scenes that alternate between humorous (his dancing and facial expressions) and disturbing (he pulls out an assault rifle and shoots both a hooded captive and, apparently, a gospel choir). Glover set out to take a powerful stance on America's current issue of gun violence, and definitely hit the mark in this video with lyrics like "This is America, guns in my area" accompanying the shocking visuals. In an inflammatory song, the artist looks to confront the white-world-view of black people in a unique and arresting way. He hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend. This is America really is contemporary America - it is Glover's America, the average African-American's America, and now, it is also Donald Trump's America. Throughout the video, some imagery seem to question morals regarding guns in modern-day America.

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But fans of the work such as Ricky Jones, head of the Pan-African Studies Department at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, disagreed.

"You have some people who may have a strong reaction to this video, but they don't have a strong reaction to a 12-year-old child being killed by police in a Cleveland park". The gunning down of seemingly innocent black figures (notably a church choir) conjures memories of all-too-many recent attacks on minority groups in the USA, whilst Childish Gambino's subsequent dancing with schoolchildren serves, perhaps, as a critique of distraction politics and the black entertainer archetype.