Gmail's getting an AI-powered Smart Compose feature for faster emailing


You see, drafting an email takes time.

The Smart Compose feature will use contextual clues from your email - say the subject line and who you're sending the message to - to auto-suggest words and phrases as you type your email.

Google, as expected, announced some new features in its most used products - Google Photos, Gmail, News and more at the Google IO 2018 conference. Gmail just received a redesign to freshen up the visual language, but now Google is adding a text prediction feature called Smart Compose, which should make writing repetitive emails that much easier. In one of his initial announcements, Pichai highlighted the fact that they have since fixed the cheeseburger emoji, however, then something else came to his attention. The AI-powered tool automatically suggests phrases while you're typing. Smart Compose is available for consumers over the next few weeks and for G Suite customers in the coming months.

If the photo is underexposed, the AI will offer a suggestion to fix brightness. Users can easily tap on the suggestions to complete the action.

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Google explains that the new snooze button in Gmail for iOS means you can delay dealing with an email until later.

Google Pay lets you quickly and easily request and send money through Gmail. If you want to switch back, you can always uncheck the box.

Google gave us the ability to snooze emails inside its Inbox app a long, long time ago.