YouTube Red turns into YouTube Premium


T. Jay Fowler, an executive at YouTube, told Pitchfork that the revamped YouTube Music is a "deeply personalized experience". The new service will include access to YouTube Music. It's kind of a bummer that YouTube Premium is $2 more than YouTube Red but offers similar features, but at least existing Red subscribers will be grandfathered in with their current price.

Last night, the company did not detail how family plans will work with the new Premium offering.

The service will be available for free through an ad-supported model, and also on a subscription basis (i.e.$9.99 a month in the US) with all ads removed. The relaunch will be followed by YouTube Premium, a redesign of the original YouTube Red subscription service. YouTube have confirmed with USA Today that Google Play Music will eventually be phased out and replaced by YouTube Music.

YouTube has announced it is launching a brand new music streaming service called YouTube Music.

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Google is going to head to head with popular music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music with YouTube Music. The audio-visual app will promises "music videos that you can't find anywhere else" plus "deep cuts you can't find anywhere else", suggesting that exclusive content will differentiate YouTube Music from its competitors. And it's also easier to discover new music. YouTube Music will have one large advantage over its competitors, it already has a massive catalog of non-musical content.

This is why YouTube has a hard time with convincing users to become paying subscribers. YouTube Premium will be an ad-free service and it will combine YouTube Music with YouTube Originals allowing users to background-play and download millions of videos from YouTube.

YouTube is the #1 way most people listen to music on the internet, via musc videos, but most people are doing that for free.

YouTube Music will begin rolling out on Tuesday in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea.