Angry Priest Hits Baby For Crying During Baptism


A video of a Catholic priest slapping a crying baby in the face during a baptism has surfaced online.

The priest is shown to hit the poor child in the face because he would not stop crying.

A woman can be heard saying something to the priest before the man has to physically remove the baby from the priest's arms.

When the inconsolable baby continues to wail, the visibly agitated priest strikes him with enough force to make an sound.

The baby can be seen crying as the family hands him over to the priest. The slap occurs about 22 seconds into the video.

The shocked congregation can be heard to gasp at the strike from the priest and the scene that was unravelling in front of them.

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The bawling baby is being held by its mother when the elderly priest takes a grip of its head with his hand.

The disturbing video, posted on Wednesday, has generated 245,898 views and 389 comments, but it is unclear where it was filmed.

One user translated the footage into English and claimed the priest was explaining he would pour water on the child's forehead, saying: "He'll have become a little Christian". "I will scream louder than you so calm down".

The woman holding the child begins to pull away from the priest, while a church official attempts to step in and stop the priest from going further. Added another: "A priest slaps my baby and I'm putting him on the cross".

According to People, a Reddit user who originally uploaded the footage said the priest was French.